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AIH Magazine PDF - August 2013 Volume 2 Issue 4

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Welcome to the sixth issue of Advances In Hospice magazine.  In this issue, we address the topic of: Elder Abuse

Table of Contents
1. Elder Mistreatment and the Elder Justice Act - By Nancy L. Falk, PhD, MBA, RN - Judith Baigis, PhD, RN, FAAN - Catharine Kopac, PhD, DMin, RN, CGNP
2. The Insults of Aging: Why Young People Get it Wrong - By Stan Goldberg
3. Turning Grief into Service - By Anita Todd

AIH Magazine PDF - June 2013 Volume 2 Issue 3

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This is an important issue of Advances in Hospice.  Veterans make up a large proportion of the patients we serve.  And until recently, we did not realize the special medical and emotional issues they face.  Many hospices have enrolled in the We Honor Veterans program.  But there is so much more to do.  This issue attempts to cover some of the important issues all hospice staff and volunteers should understand.

AIH Magazine PDF - April 2013 Volume 2 Issue 2

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Our readers want ideas they can put into action to serve hospice patients and their families better.  This issue provides such ideas.  Tim Lister has written an article on serving the developmentally disabled clients so many of you have asked us about.  And Sunday Conine tells us ~ step-by-step ~ how to host a golf tournament for hospice.  But your hearts will be touched by our Hospice Hero, Mike Denen, who wrote two stories of his own volunteer experiences.  He reminds us all why we are here!

AIH Magazine PDF - February 2013 Volume 2 Issue 1

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This issue of Advances in Hospice focuses on a relatively new therapy that has implications for the life-review process most hospices foster.  Dignity Therapy was developed by Canadian researcher Harvey Max Chochinov.  His methods are explained and a review of his book by someone who has used his protocol is included.  We finish with another reprint of a delightful blog entry by Stan Goldberg called “Understanding Aging:  We're Not Children”.

AIH Magazine PDF - December 2012 Volume 1 Issue 4

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Call us crazy but we don't shy away for difficult issues at Advances in Hospice.  The fact that hospices serve individuals of all religious traditions makes the position of Spiritual Coordinator a difficult one.  Rev. Tim Lister gives us guidance on how to serve such a variety of individuals with respect.  Then two articles look at the touchy issue of euthanasia from different perspectives.  Whew!

AIH Magazine PDF - October 2012 Volume 1 Issue 3

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It's a problem found in all hospices.  Because we encourage personalized, tender care; boundaries are frequently getting trampled.  This fact makes “Boundaries in the Touchy-Feely World of Hospice” essential.  This packed issue also contains step by step instructions for a children's grief camp, how trauma affects children and some delightful out of the box fundraising ideas from Great Britain.

Table of contents
1. Hearts of remembrance childrens day: a celebration of life - By Kathleen a mcconnell and pauline depalma
2. Children and grief and trauma: We can help - By Linda goldman
3. Fundraising outside the hospice box - By AIH Staff Wrighters
4. Boundaries in the touchy feel-y world of hospice - By Andrea Heeres, MSW

AIH Magazine PDF - August 2012 Volume 1 Issue 2

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What a packed issue this is!  Children's Lighthouse of Minnesota shared with us the process of planning, funding and eventually opening a children's hospice.  Since there were previously only two in the entire United States, this is important information.  The issue also contains a useful article on “Taming Team Tensions” and our first Hospice Hero from Great Britain.

Table of Contents
1. Bulding childrens lighthouse of minnesota - a pediatric respite and hospice home - By katie lindenfelser
2. Taming team tension - By Andrea Heeres, MSW, Advanced Bereavement Specialist
3. Just plain stephie: Conversations at the end of life - j. By scott janssen
4. Serving those who have served - By Staff writers
5. The five percent solution: Ahospice hero from the land of dame cicely - By Andrea Heeres, MSW,

AIH Magazine PDF - June 2012 Volume 1 Issue 1

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The inaugural issue of Advances in Hospice started off with a bang.  Internationally famous bereavement expert Dr. Alan Wolfelt wrote for us an important article concerning the need to companion our loved ones all the way to the grave.  He helps us all to understand why this is so important to a successful bereavement.  We also deal with the joyful task of bringing music to the dying.  This issue is a keeper!

Table of Contents
1. Quality Hospice care: Turning maslow on his head! - By Andrea Heeres, MSW,
2. Taming trauma Turnover
3. Reflections on the "ultimate Death Symbol" Saying hello on the pathway to goodbye - By Alan D. Wolfelt
4. Hospice Heros - The five percent solution bringing joy through song - By Marc Derulter
5. Inspiring to his dying day - By John acosta



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